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    Math Me Lite is an app developed to enhance your basic math skills!

    Many people struggle with simple math questions ever relying on the calculator to solve 12 + 9 but what if you could solve this and 13 + 16 or 59 - 19 in a matter of seconds?

    It is faster to solve these questions in your head than to get out a calculator; now is your chance to sharpen up your skills.

    Use Play mode to test yourself against the clock. Try to answer each question correctly but don't take too long because you will be timed. Math Me Lite stores your scores from Play mode so is it better to be fast or accurate? You decide!

    Use Practice mode to learn the tricky questions that you struggle with. You can take your time but if you don't know the answer, no problems! Math Me Lite will show you the correct answer.

    *******Key Features*******
    * You can practice and play with addition and subtraction
    * Choose how many questions you want; 10-100
    * Choose the question difficulty level: easy, medium, hard and evil
    * Having trouble with a certain number? Then select a focus group from 1-30 where each question will focus on the number you choose
    * Want to see a table of questions and answers? Then use the Cheat Sheet to see the list of questions and answers
    * Try the Mini-games to further test yourself:
    -----Survival: you have 5 seconds to correctly answer each question but if you are wrong, you lose a life
    -----Patterns: find the number pattern shown to you and find the missing number
    -----Comparison: choose >, = or < to solve the question
    -----Operators: choose the operator (addition or subtraction) to solve the question
    * Want to beat your friends? Challenge them with the multiplayer mode and see who has the skills to be the best

    Upgrade Math Me Lite to Math Me to enable multiplication, division, random and the all new 'what is ?' mode

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