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    I designed this game to help my son learn math. Math Pop is a great game for kids of all ages. It has Division, multiplication, subtraction, and addition. With over 90 levels Math Pop will keep your kids busy having fun for hours and learning at the same time! There are nearly infinite combinations of problems and its different each time you play.

    Math pop will help your kids learn their multiplication tables in no time at all. If your kids are not at times tables yet no problem! There's an addition section that goes from single digit numbers all the way to multiple digits up to 100. The division covers all your times tables too. My 4th grade son loves to learn with Math Pop!

    The levels increase with difficulty as your kids progress with their skills.

    Math Pop makes a great brain game for adults and kids. Brush up on some math. As a brain game you have a lot of choices try doing a little of each section every day! Its been proven 15 minutes a day of brain games help keep you sharp.

    Math Pop isn't just one or two different types of math. Most math games contain a very limited amount of problems for your kids to work on. Your kids will be having so much fun they wont even know that their learning.

    Math Pop is a great brain game for adults too, the higher levels are very challenging and will keep you sharp.

    Math pop is a beautiful game, unlike no other, its quite fun!!

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