Multiplication Crab [Free]




    second grade my son is not still remembered multiplication table.
    But, He was spent in grasshopper takes the end of the summer vacation.

    So for him, I made the application of multiplication another.

    This app, should he even be able to truly.
    Because, this app does not ask the answer of multiplication.
    Answer is written.
    It is a game to choose whether or incorrect answer is correct.
    It is a feeling, such scoring like a teacher.

    But, it is not a normal scoring.

    Is a crab.
    It is delicious that crab.

    Crab with a multiplication comes flowing.
    Stick the seal of crab answer If it were correct.

    Once you have been able to select the correct answer, you will get the coin. It is a game that looks good of luck.

    If it is this, should my son can be.
    Or rather, the answer to multiplication is written even if he can not.
    Only not get a coin.

    Somehow, my son so that you remember the multiplication ...


    It is a game to learn multiplication in the sorting of crab.

    Please be sorted in a hurry to watch the multiplication written, the crab flowing.
    The correct answer of the crab, If you seal and sort, you get a coin!
    Aim for the high score by sorting more and more!

    ★This game is all right even if there is not it remember the multiplication!
    The crab, and answer formula of multiplication also is written.
    Just put a seal by touching the crabs you think may correct answer.

    ★After learning the multiplication, you can enjoy more!
    Can be enjoyed at the stage of nine different situation crab or was a large amount, or to be upside down.
    If you have confidence in multiplication is you, please try to play by all means.

    ・This app is available for free with sponsor's ad displayed .
    ・If you don't want the ads, I recommend the paid version that doesn't display advertising.

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