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    "Ongoing story" is based on our favorite childhood game that we all played, and is intended for two or more players. The game is played on the same device and meant to be passed between the players for extra social fun!
    How to play:
    The first player chooses if he wants to start a story with a clean beginning, or to choose one of the many story ideas that we came up with. Then, the player writes his idea for the next part of the story, and passes it to the next player. The second player continues the story from where the first player stopped, and so on.
    The players see each time only the last words of the text written by the previous player, so that they can continue it with the right context. When the last player chooses to end the story, the full story will be discovered. The story parts are colored with different colors.
    All the stories you have written are stored on your phone and you can continue each one of them from your library. You can also share your stories on Facebook so your friends can enjoy them too!
    This game supports English and Hebrew languages!

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