Orbit Simulator




    Use your fingers and the laws of physics to create beautiful worlds with this gravity sandbox.

    Put asteroids into orbit around a planet and activate trails to draw amazing patterns.

    Play with particles, make them bounce, merge, collide.

    Change colors, time, forces, appearance, size and many more features.

    Share your creations in our fan-art gallery.

    Experiment with every setting to earn points and discover unexpected behaviours.

    The retro and psychedelic designs are great for your avatar and wallpaper.

    - Create planets with two fingers
    - Launch asteroids into orbit with one
    - Press menu or the back button for options
    - Change gravity type and intensity in the Forces menu
    - Activate collisions or make elements merge
    - Use Earth's attraction
    - Visualise trails in the Visuals menu
    - Play with the look of elements
    - Remove walls of the simulator and make it bigger
    - Generate random worlds
    - Lock the camera to an element to see the universe from its perspective
    - Take a picture and share it in our fan-art Gallery
    - Leave the screen empty to start screensaver mode
    - Create your own solar system

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