Sudoku Kid Lite




    'Sudoku Kid Lite' is the same as its full version except for unlimited fresh new games. You'll have fun playing Sudoku with smart hints from Sudoku Kid's smart wizard, guiding you to solve each game logically. And you'll improve and sharpen your Sudoku playing skills in a jiffy.

    'Sudoku Kid' has 3 playing levels, [2x2], [2x3], and [3x2], for Sudoku players of all ages and skills.

    Your game-in-play is always saved so you'll never have to worry about losing your game. If you quit a game in the middle, simply relaunch 'Sudoku Kid' to pick up where you left off.

    Enjoy Sudoku Kid's well-crafted Sudoku games and its smart Hints and auto-pencil-markings.

    Check out 'Sudoku Kid' full-version for unlimited fresh new Sudoku games with media sound, or 'Sudoku SuperDoKu' for more challenging games.

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