Candy Land Spa




    Welcome to Candy Land Spa - run the massage parlor and let your customers relax!

    Candy Land Spa is now open for business! Massage your customers and give them the relaxing time that they deserve! This candy-filled game is fun and entertaining! Massage your customers with colorful candy creams, candy-colored rocks and sweet oils!

    Give the models the relaxation that they deserve and make them feel at home before the fashion show! It’s time to lay down and drift off - because at Candy Land Spa, nothing is more relaxing than a nice massage!

    Work your way through each stage and become the greatest masseuse to ever live - rub cream on their back and place warm candy rocks onto their skin for the ultimate relaxation! Scrub them with chocolate or massage them with oils - there is so much to do in Candy Land Spa!

    If your week started as a treat but now it ain’t so sweet... then why not come along to our spa to relieve your tension? Once the massage is over, you must help the model get prepared for her fashion show - add makeup, lipstick, dresses and more to make your model dazzle in-front of the cameras!

    Become a masseuse and help the model get prepared for her fashion show... in Candy Land Spa!

    - The greatest and sweetest way to relax!
    - Become a masseuse and help the model relax before her show!
    - Play through each stage and have fun!

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