Cupids Call : Love Never Fails




    Love is in the air! This is Cupids Big Day!
    In mythology, Cupid is winged because lovers are flighty and likely to change their minds, and boyish because love is unwise and unreasonable. His symbols are the arrow and bow "because love wounds and inflames the heart."
    The game functions as an arcade game that allows the player to play all they want.
    Have fun with this nonstop game app of shooting hearts.
    An exciting arcade style time management game play that’s easy to pick up.

    Cupid is the son of Venus, the goddess of love. His name was derived from the Latin word “Cupido,” meaning love, passion, desires, yearnings, wanting or longing.
    Cupid is often characterized as the mischievous, playful, winged cherub who played with his arrows.
    People say that when a guy meets a girl, or vice versa, and at first glance they clicked and fell in love, it was the work of Cupid shooting hearts with arrows.

    Cupid, who also goes by the name Eros, may be the god of love but he looks more like a baby! With a rosy face and chubby body, he's the most famous Valentine's symbol around.
    He makes the world a much more loving place. He's hard at work throughout the whole year, but his busiest day falls on Valentine's Day.
    The Matchmaker works his magic. Now, Cupid is the celebrated icon of the heart.

    This is a wonderful time of the year; the archer “Cupid” will be very busy. Help out Cupid to get more hearts and go to the farthest distance.

    The naked cherubic boy generally has wings and holds a bow and arrow.
    Also known as God of Love. He shoots arrow that cause people to fall in love. But this time, He needs to shoot hearts that come in different shapes and sizes.

    Reach the highest score when you reach the farthest distance. Keep on collecting hearts by shooting them. If you do this, three cupids are waiting to be unlocked.
    They can fly faster, allowing you to be in the farthest away distance.
    Target for more hearts in the air and aim for the win!

    Precision and accurateness may result to gathering more hearts and may help you let loose the other two cupids even if you just started playing the game.

    Challenge yourself by avoiding numerous birds, strong storms and tricky planes. Play as the charming cupid and fulfill your mission to shoot the hearts, gather them all while flying through the air and avoiding difficulty.
    Keep in mind to shoot the projectiles down while collecting as many hearts as you can. Strong mind and amazing skills may help you pass all levels of the game.

    Music by
    DST & Cupids Revenge by Incompetech

    Consider that collecting hearts may get more difficult the more you play. Dare yourself and win the game. Enjoy!

    Game Features
    HD Display Graphics
    Unlock easily the secret characters
    Adorable cupid animation
    Cute hearts in different shapes and sizes
    Fast paced game
    Easy Navigation
    User friendly App
    Continuous game
    Phone and Tablet ready
    Compete scores with your friends
    Play in groups and beat your friend score
    App is completely FREE to play
    Simple and intuitive controls
    Easy Navigation
    Three fascinating cupids to choose from
    Easy to control, fun for every age
    Incredible Sound Effects
    Game concept is simple
    Full screen move control

    Valentines can be sentimental, romantic and heartfelt or it can be funny and friendly.There's nothing better than falling in love and that's why Cupid has one of the best jobs in the world!
    Although love is sweet and wonderful, it can also be cheesier than cheddar, but Cupid knows how to keep things fun by pullin' a ton of pranks!

    Cupid feels rewarded when people fall in love and spread their happiness to others.
    An absolutely new and amazing app game for love couples, friends and family.

    Now that Valentine's Day symbols are everywhere; hearts, chocolates, flowers and bears. Share and celebrate the season of love.

    Download free “Cupids Call” and Play Now!
    Happy Valentine’s Day ♥

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