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    Published: 2013-10-08, by Janel.

    Learn how to draw celeb faces through step-by-step visual instruction

    • Large list of celebrities
    • Clear step-by-step instruction
    • Lightweight app
    • None

    "Forget the Fine Arts degree"

    Accurate representation of faces is one of the trickiest aspects of learning how to draw. The How to Draw: Celebrities app offers a clean platform for step-by-step practice, through which you'll be able to produce clearly recognizable versions of over fifty celebrities.

    Begin by selecting a celeb from the list. Choose based on personal preference - are you more in a Jet Li or a Tupac mood today? - or follow the suggested difficulty ratings to pick one that matches your skill level. Each sketch begins with simple intersecting lines that construct the skeleton of the face, and from there each step forward slowly adds detail. If you're diligent in your mimicry, by the end of the process you'll have a nicely done portrait of Keanu Reeves. Proudly hang it on your fridge to display your newfound artistry to the world at large.

    Draw Famous Faces' How to Draw: Celebrities is ultra-simple in design, perfect for anyone who wants to practice their facial drawing skills.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Oct 08, 2013


    Do you like to draw? Do you love photos of your favorite celebrities like Rihanna, Justin Timberlake or Eminem? Why not combine these loves together with the How to Draw: Celebrities App. Adding this latest update to the How to Draw series will give you the chance to start drawing pictures of the hottest celebs today!

    Many people enjoy drawing but are not very good at it. And who has the time or the money to take a boring class that may or may not help you to draw the things and people that you want to draw? The How to Draw: Celebrities App seeks to make drawing pictures of your favorite celebrities like Katy Perry, lady Gaga, and Robert Pattinson both fun and easy. Everything you need to begin is provided short of the pencil and paper on which to begin your sketches. In addition, the app has a built-in feature allowing users to draw their favorite celebs directly on their phones. It comes complete with a full studio of tools necessary to follow the tutorials to complete your drawings of Megan Fox, Leonardo DiCaprio or even Cristiano Ronaldo!

    The app provides picture selections of celebrities in the industries of music, acting, sports and politics. One day you may feel drawing a picture of Britney Spears, Channing Tatum or Michael Jackson. But where do you start? What photos should you use? Each photo will be broken down to 10-30 simple steps to allow you, the artist to build on each step towards completing expert level portraits of your celebrity. It requires no prior experience or fancy art education. It is simple and easy enough to follow along for fans of any age.

    In this app you will find tutorials of more than 60 famous people that you can draw with the How to Draw: Celebrities App. For example Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, and many many more!

    The following is a list of the features that you can expect with the How to Draw: Celebrities app:

    � On screen draw mode: now you can step by step draw right on your screen.?
    � Zoom mode - if your screen is not big enough than just zoom and keep drawing.
    � Integrated rating system that assigns a level of difficulty: easy, normal, hard, and expert
    � Each tutorial contains 10-30 precise steps!
    � Share your creation with friends via email, Facebook, Skype and many more.
    � Save it to your SD card and set as background.
    � Available on both iPhone and Android devices

    Try How to Draw: Celebrities today!

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