Digital Dub Siren Generator

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    A modern perspective to the dub-siren. Can also be used as a weird sound effect generator or theremin. Using the touch-pad you can control the volume and pitch at the same time. You can draw the envelope and "REPEAT" set to on, you will loop this pattern forever or fading out like an echo with "FADE" turned on. You can sync the sound effect patterns by placing and removing finger to the beat of the music and as you release it will create a loop. You can choose from three sound sources, modulate with four LFO shapes and adjust the modulation speed and depth. By controlling "TIME STRECTCH", you adjust the echo effect by slowing down and lowering the pitch at the same time or vice-versa. This also lowers the resolution of the movement for interesting lo fi effects. You can generate with some interesting sound effects from synth drones to generating retro computer game synth noises. Although this has a basic repeat effect, it may still benefit from a reverb unit or an echo chamber sound effects processor as well. Has a reset button to stop the loop or if it starts acting strange.
    Video demo on Youtube.

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