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    a1APPS Jigsaw Puzzles v11 incorporates all of the ideas and suggestions that we have received from our growing base of jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts. We're still adding new puzzles to our online library and v7.0 has access to an ever expanding list of interesting and challenging puzzles. Even more exciting, with a1APPS Jigsaw Puzzles v11, here's what we've added:

    We've added a "My Puzzles" feature!
    We know that there are times when a connection to our online library might not be available, so we've made it possible to create and store puzzles on your Android device. Browse through images on your phone or tablet, select one and make a puzzle. Tap the Camera icon to snap a picture and make a puzzle. If you want to keep the puzzle image, Tap Save.

    Want to make your own Puzzles?
    Creating your own puzzles couldn't be easier! Switch to "My Puzzles" and click "Create". Browsing through the
    images stored on your Android device and select one that would make a fun jigsaw puzzle. a1APPS Jigsaw Puzzles supports the "multi-touch" feature to allow resizing and rotation of the image you selected (cropping). When you have the image adjusted the way you want it, click "Save" to add a new jigsaw puzzle to your library. Saving a puzzle to your personal library is optional, just click "Start" to build the puzzle without saving it.
    You can also create a new puzzle using your Camera. Just Tap the Camera icon in the application, snap a picture and make a puzzle.

    No Internet Connection? No Problem.
    With v11, Launching a1APPS Jigsaw Puzzles when an Internet connection isn't available doesn't mean that you can't build puzzles, it just means that you'll only have access to "My Puzzles", your personal library. Create a new jigsaw puzzle easily from any image stored on your tablet or phone , save as many puzzles to your library as you want, and let your friends and family have fun with the jigsaw puzzles you've created.

    v11 is Faster!
    We've made numerous speed enhancements in v11. There's no more waiting for puzzle pieces to load, when you click "Start", the puzzle pieces are scrambled immediately.

    More puzzles, more fun
    In v11 our puzzles are selected at random so scrolling through hundreds of puzzles to find a challenging or fun puzzle is no longer necessary. Whenever you encounter a puzzle that you really like or want your friends to try, just click "Save" to put a copy in your library.

    We also added a LIST function to let you select a favorite puzzle from your library or ours.

    New Puzzles, new challenges
    We publish new puzzles frequently and try to publish several new ones each week. Some are more difficult than others but all are fun and we think that you will usually be able to complete one while you're standing in line, waiting for the kids, or are otherwise looking for something fun to do with your Android device.

    You'll notice that our puzzles aren't based on any set theme but are really an eclectic mix of random images. The pieces are randomly scattered when you hit "Start" so even when you attempt the same puzzle again the experience will be new.

    Enjoy these puzzles, we especially hope that you'll have fun starting the app to see what new challenges we've added since the last time you completed a puzzle. Cheers!

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