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    5of99 takes classic 5 in a row and adds challenging new strategy twists making the game a more exciting & challenging brain puzzle, while also providing a complete online multiplayer experience to truly challenge even the sharpest minds.
    Similar to Gomoku or Renju (sometimes called "Go", gomokunarabe, omok, Pente or "Go Bang"), 5of99 takes it to a new level of challenging fun.

    The 5of99 game board is a 10 by 10 grid, but instead of just playing anywhere you want, you are dealt cards which limit where you can play for each turn. Each game card is numbered for a spot on the game board from 0 to 99. The goal is to get 5 of the 0 through 99 spots on the board in a row to win, which is the name of the game "5of99".

    - Single player or Online Multiplayer against 1 or 2 opponents
    (Multiplayer is free 2/day for 2 weeks or unlimited with purchase)
    - Multiple game board variations
    - Customize the background, board & cards
    - Track your points & achievements
    - Compete for a spot in the Leader Board Top 50
    - Earn real world rewards with Kiip
    - Option for a random board; a different game every time

    You will find this new twist easy to learn, challenging to master and highly addictive to play. If you have played other five in a row games like Gomoku, Renju, Gobang, Five Straight (5ive Straight) or even Tic Tac Toe, 5of99 is the perfect next game to bring a new challenge to you.

    -Pick Your Player Color
    -Number & Skill of Comp.
    -Multiple Board Types, & More Advanced Options!
    -Develop Your Strategy
    -Block Your Opponents
    -Get 5 In A Row & Win!
    -Win, Achieve, Earn Points!
    -Share Your Greatness, Review the Board OR Try to Win Again!
    -For a “Real” Challenge, Try Online Multiplayer!
    -Play Online Against Real People Around the World!
    -Create Multiplayer Games With Your Own Options
    -Play Against 1 or 2 Other Players at the Same Time!
    -View Your Achievements
    -Compete for a Spot in the Single Player TOP 50 OR Multiplayer TOP 50!

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    Spelling Variations: 5 of 99, Five of 99, FiveOf99, Five of Ninety Nine

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