Androwater Lines Classic

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    Gain points by building horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines of 5 or more balls of the same color.

    Game Features:
    * On-screen Control Panel.
    * Pause, Resume, Start Over, Exit game at any time. The game state is saved automatically.
    * Ability to Undo last move (-50 points).
    * The original Gamos (MS-DOS, 1992) scoring algorithm.
    * Preference screen to enable/disable sounds and animations, select game board transparency, and more.

    Classic Plus version extra features:
    * Global ranking table with All time and 24 hour leaderboards (Scoreloop technology);
    * Ability to submit a score from Local ranking table to Global ranking table at any time.

    How to play:
    To form a line, move a ball to an empty target cell, first tap the ball to be moved, then tap the target cell. When such line is formed, that line will disappear and the current score will be increased. If after moving a ball a line is not completed, an additional 3 balls will appear randomly on to the board. Please note, to move, a ball must have a clear path (a set of empty cells linked vertically and/or horizontally) to the target cell.

    The game is over when there are no free cells left (or 1000 points are gained - Lite version only)

    Visit for more information as well as to observe current worldwide top scores.

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