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    The App Quiz - the apps you have loved the most
    What's your favourite app?
    How many apps can you recognise?

    This Quiz shows you how much App knowledge you have gained, probably without even realising. Have fun recognising your favorite apps - use the hints to help you.

    This quiz is full of fun, and consists of seven levels. You can use the hints to help you.

    Simple but Fun
    Playing the game is really simple - just look a the icon, and identify the App - we have used the names as they appear on the Play Market, and we are very forgiving :)

    - Seven levels
    - Wonderful fresh user-friendly interface
    - Chilled out music to make it a calming experience

    Don't worry
    If you get stuck, you can always use the hints available.
    If you still can't get move on, you can purchase more hints or unlock all levels

    If you cannot guess the App, then there are three hints available. These are a mixture of cryptic clues, and facts about the makers of the App.

    All logos and brands shown or represented in this game are copyright and or trademark of their respective corporations. This trivia game is for fun and knowledge.

    Please note company or event logos, and the app icon itself, is protected by copyright and/or trademark registration. We believe the use of low-resolution icon images in this app for the use of identification in a positive and informational context may qualify as fair use under Copyright law. Any other uses of the logo images elsewhere may be copyright infringement.

    Also, when the app is identified correctly, there is a link to the Play Market to enable you to purchase the app, and to also further reinforce the copyright and trademark ownership with the respective corporation, rather than with ourselves, as we are merely referring to the app using widely available icons, for the purpose of a quiz.

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