Apple Slice Unlocking




    This app is used to unlock screen. Use your finger to cut the apple in the locked screen to unlock and get in the cell phone.

    ++++++++++ Declaration +++++++++
    The app here is totally free.

    Fruit Ninja is a famous game in the Android market. In this app, the fruit you can cut by your fingers is apple.
    - Slice apple
    - Vibration supported
    - Unlock to phone and contacts directly

    Functions introduction:
    This app is simply and easy to use, just open it in the main interface of Apple Slice Unlocking. The vibration function can be opened there, too. If you don¡¯t want the cell phone to vibrate, you can make it close.
    In the locked screen, there are three apples, each of them means different page that you will see. From left to right, they are contacts, unlock and phone. Slice the apple with the icon of contacts, then you can see your contacts after unlock screen. So does the apple with icon of phone, you can make a call directly then. As to the apple with icon of unlock, this is just for unlock screen.
    As usual, you can see the time and date in this locked screen. So that, if you want to check the current time without opening the cell phone and people around you won¡¯t see what¡¯s in your cell phone. That is to say, your privacy can be protected by this application.

    Thanks for your reading and now you are a skilled user of Apple Slice Unlocking. We hope that you will like this app. If so, please don¡¯t forget to give this app five stars. Thanks for your support.

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