A fun and addictive physics-based puzzle game that gives new meaning to the words 'shooting stars'! If you like bubble games, you'll love Asterism.

    Colored star patterns have appeared in the galaxy...they must be destroyed!
    Choose your angle, fire your shot! Hit the right star to rebound through space. Watch as your shot hopefully bounces towards the next star in the pattern. Clear the pattern to progress.

    - Fast, fun, addictive game-play
    - 75 challenging levels to play through
    - Master one shot 'trick-shots' on all levels
    - Auto-saves game progress
    - Free updates with extra levels and features
    - Leaderboard and Achievements

    'It's a simple but neat concept -- it sort of reminds me of the early iOS hit Orbital, mixed with a dash of Puzzle Bobble. Try it out!'

    'Asterism is one great app that can revive our love for old-fashioned games without sacrificing the compelling characteristics of modern applications. 5/5' -

    'It is simply a well-designed game with a challenging gaming principle and you will surely spend some fun hours with it.'

    All feedback, comments and suggestions for improvement welcome.
    Thanks for checking out Asterism!

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