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    Design creatures and set them loose in a virtual world to compete for resources against other creatures. Succeed by maintaining a delicate balance of creatures and resources, or set up a population bomb that wipes out everything!

    Creatures have attributes based on the color of the cells used to create them.

    - Red: The creature will move faster.
    - Green: The creature will live longer.
    - Blue: The creature can see food from farther away.

    After each cell in the creature has eaten food of its color, it will reproduce.

    Create a creature by adding cells to the species creator at the bottom of the screen. Tap to add a cell, tap again to change the color of that cell, tap and hold to remove a cell. Try to maintain a balance between your creatures by controlling their evolution so no single food type gets overeaten. If you're successful, the ecosystem will last. If not, all your creatures will go extinct!

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