Balloon Afloat - Don't Pop 'em




    Balloons Afloat! Is a fun game for kids! Although, adults can also enjoy this fun and reflexes challenging game. Essentially, all you have throughout all the levels is keep balloons afloat by tapping in the opposite direction you want them to go. So if you want to balloon to go up, you tap the bottom corner etc. You will earn points as you tap each balloon, keeping it from hitting the bottom of the screen where sharp thorns are.

    The game play is simple enough for anyone to quickly pickup this game and play. It's ideal for casual play - when you are waiting in line, or just wanting to kick back relax, but still challenging your logical thinking and reflexes. Balloon Afloat encourages you to tap the balloon, and not to pop it.

    Beware: this game is really addictive: your child will enjoy this game for sure.

    Features Include:
    - 6 different play modes to choose from
    - Several hours of game play and score keeping
    - Soundtrack for each mode
    - Fun sound effects to enhance the interactivity and fun
    - Vibrant visual effects
    - Colorful and high quality backgrounds for each mode
    - Cool and smooth animations
    - Crisp clear graphics
    and more... you just have to see for yourself!