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    Birds Quiz is yet another app to celebrate the nature. It is basically a quiz of national bird of each of 200 countries in the world official and unofficial. The effort is to privilege the endemic birds which has most social or biological importance in that area.
    This quiz you can play with your friends in real time, share scores and know much more about birds though out the world using youtube videos.
    Do you know the names of all the Birds which you see around you or in the Zoo????? Ohh ya Really!!!!!!!
    Let's check it out then!!!!!!

    This is an app where your kids will learn to identify various Birds which they often enjoy watching......

    There are more than 9000 species of birds, of which about how many species found in your country?

    We Don't know much about birds; Even if we know the names, "starling", "rook", "warbler", "bunting", "goldfinch",
    "nightingale" – can we can find them, while walking in the forest or in the country? Find out.

    Many countries do not have the national bird ! we have done some research in finding the endemic bird which can be the representative of all the birds in that area. Please comment and suggest the right bird for your country.
    if you follow the bird quiz correctly you can figure out Small European Goldfinch, Andean Kondar, African grey parrot, Australlian Emu, Penguins from Antarctica and lot more. Learn to identify more birds.
    Lets celebrate the nature

    * Multiple-choice questions (with 4 possible answers to choose from)
    * Time game

    Ornithology - the realm of Birds !

    Now get highest Streaks to make it on leaderboards! Win super crazy bird awards! Challenge your friends!
    Playing National Bird Quiz enables you to learn the most celebrated Birds of our mother earth in an effective way by the form of quiz.

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