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    This software is still in development. Please send suggestions to (see below in developer's contact info).

    BitBot is game that was developed as a semester long Software Engineering project at Slippery Rock University, with the goal of creating an educational game for android.

    The goal of BitBot is to learn how to program a bot to compete against other bots using a custom language called BotBasic. BotBasic has a lot of features you need to control your bot.

    The BitBot IDE tries to make entering code easier with several built in code snippets and quick buttons to move the cursor left or right.

    BitBot has a tutorial section which will show you how to use the BotBasic Language and teach you some bot-specific commands.

    Once you create a bot, you can put it up against some enemy AI in 1v1 battle. Your bot could be completely autonomous or react to on-screen touch input *cough*cheating*cough*.

    Once again, this is still a work in progress. We plan to add more features such as sensors to detect enemy bots and 2v2 matches where each participant has two bots to program. Any ideas are welcome, feel free to email us your suggestions!

    This project is open-sourced under the GPLv3. Source is available at:

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