Block Blaster Physics Puzzles




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    Blast your way through 40 challenging Block Blaster physics puzzles comprised of all different shapes and block types. From Bouncy blocks to Exploding blocks, Block Blaster has it all!

    Chickens love to eat, and what do they love to eat? ... you guessed it, BLOCKS! The crazy chickens in each level will help demolish the blocks you knock over making sure that every last block that hits the ground is eaten up. Chickens love blocks so start knocking some down as these guys are hungry!

    It will take all your skill and determination to take on the challenges that await. You must knock all the blocks to the ground with a set number of throws to complete each level. Don’t worry, if you don’t succeed the first time just try again! There is a method to the madness of each Block Blaster puzzle so jump in and have a blast with Block Blaster!

    Block Blaster – Physics Puzzles: 40 uniquely designed Block Blaster levels in full 3D with cartoon styled graphics and best of all, Block eating chickens ... YES!

    Oh, and if you get stuck and need help with a level? Just grab some extra balls to get you through!

    Version 1.3 has been upgraded with all the goodness of the new Unity 4.0 engine - Better graphics with all new dynamics shadows is just the start!

    Good luck and blast away!

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