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    A fantastic mix for training reflexes, hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision and speed of decision. Quickly drag on a chessboard, horizontally or vertically, the yellow, green and red marbles, to be moved one against the others. Destroy all the balls by make them colliding with those of the same color. Prevents marbles of different color touch each others, otherwise the game ends. The level is completed when all the marbles are annihilated. Beware of "reflectors", which bounce the ball changing of 90 degrees the angle of movement. And above all, attention to the "color changers", strange colored eyes that change the color of the balls they touch. They can be stationary or moving. Each level involves more marbles to annihilate, more "reflectors" and more "color changers", creating situations of real panic.
    Starting from level 4, beware of the bombs: if you touch them, the game is over.
    For each collision of balls of the same color, you receive 10 points. At the end of the level, you gain a bonus equal to the remaining time. It is also a time based game. You start with 30 seconds and for each level you gain additional 3 seconds. If time elapses, the game is over.
    Champion can record their initials in the local hall of fame, that stores the results of top 10 players.
    - simple but clean and elegant graphics. Best on tablets!
    - original and exciting gameplay.
    - reflectors, bombs and color changers items
    - fast and precise touch-based input
    - local top 10 scores
    - 99 levels
    - ideal as a party game

    Developed with Corona SDK (TM)