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    Published: 2012-08-27, by .

    Enter the rooms, find clues and let your actions determine the story

    • Well-though, addictive
    • Excellent graphics
    • More creative than others
    • Real time system can be annoying

    "Can you say her name in front of the mirror?"

    Bloody Mary Ghost Adventure is a horror-hidden-object game where you get to be the main character of a horror story and choose how the actions develop themselves.

    The story is divided into chapters (a new one is added every month), and, as those classic books, the results depend on what you decide to do. As you can see, the graphics are well-developed in 3D-like way and the scenery is full of features like the presence meter, which indicates if there's something in the room. Other tools like the Flashlight lets you light the room and look for clues; there are also multiple items: notebook, emf scanner and an indicator which shows that something in the room needs a specific time or condition to be found

    What makes this game different from others is obviously its real time system. That means that if you play during the day or night, it will directly reflect in the game and some events will be based on what happens in real time. Even though this feature is original and more realistic, it can also be pretty annoying if you don't have time to play at night, as you will need to wait until that moment to be able to play. There's an untimed mode but it's limited so that's not the solution, maybe there could be an untimed mode available at all times for people who want to play but don't have all the time in the world.

    MMz Tech has developed Bloody Mary Ghost and other simple games for Android, being this one the most interesting of all. Pretty addictive, excellent graphics and an eerie atmosphere which goes with you during all the game. At least, give it a try and discover this amazing adventure full of scares.

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