Boost Your Reactions

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    “Adapted from the 3RD BEST-SELLING Indie PSN game of 2011, Test Yourself!”

    “Part of the Boost Yourself series of games!”

    Boost Your Reactions comes packed with a series of fun tests, developed with the help of real psychology professionals, which put your visual and audio reaction capabilities to the test and evaluate how quickly you react to external changes!

    These tests include:

    – See how quickly you can react to visual signals

    – Hone your hearing as you respond to audio signals

    –Let your finger do the talking as you measure the resiliency of your nerves!

    – Dive, dip, and dodge as you avoid collision in this reaction training simulator

    – Is it even, is it odd, is it neither? Find out in this reflex training exercise!

    By finishing all of the tests you’ll receive a professional evaluation of your reaction capabilities; even if your results were not what you were expecting, don’t fret – the assessment also comes with handy and helpful tips for improvement! Because you can test yourself daily, be sure to sharpen your skills and track your day-by-day growth by putting those tips to good use in training mode. See how your personal best stacks up against your friends and claim your place atop the online leaderboards!

    Boost Your Reactions Features:
    ✔ Self-Test Mode – Gauge your abilities and see where you stand
    ✔ Training Mode – Sharpen your skills until your next self-test
    ✔ Expert Analysis – Receive professional assessments of your abilities
    ✔ Self-Improvement – Assessments also come with helpful tips for personal growth
    ✔Online Leaderboards – See how you stack up against your friends and others

    We have the technology, we have ways of making you faster, and Boost Your Reactions is one of them, so see how fast you can click your mouse and pick up your copy today!

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