BrainBoxFun is a set of Brain Training Exercises, designed by Dr. Wolstenholme, that are intended to get you to use and to stretch different aspects of your brain-power, including memory, verbal comprehension, pattern recognition, word power, mental arithmetic, planning and mental rotation skills. Try to be a brainbox and have fun at the same time.

    There are ten sets of exercises, with up to 5 exercises in each set. Each set of exercises has five levels of difficulty, associated with which are different countdown times.

    Your profile is the means by which the system records your progress over time. Your profile records your settings for:

    The level at which a particular set of exercises is to be carried out and the countdown time available for those exercises;
    The previous highest score for the set of exercises at the current level and countdown time defined in the profile;
    The highest score for all the exercises ever achieved;
    The highest score for all the exercises achieved for the current set of levels and countdown times.

    When you have completed the exercises, your scores are displayed. Based on your scores for the individual sets of exercises, the system may make some recommendations about changes to your profile. For example, if you've scored full marks for a set, it will normally recommend that you move up a level, or, if you've scored 0, it will normally recommend that you move down a level. If moving up or down isn't possible, it will recommend a decrease or increase in time. If your time setting isn't the standard for that exercise, then, rather than recommend a change in level, it will recommend a change in time, to move you back to the standard.

    BrainBoxFun has been designed to allow its use on small screens as well as on tablets. Since fingers are not the most accurate of pointers, all exercises are designed so that either different hot-spots are not adjacent vertically or horizontally, or else there is an undo/change feature. There are also duplicate key buttons/displays in the title bar in case the lower ones are hidden. It has been used satisfactorily on a 320x240 screen, but larger screens are preferable.

    A version is also available at for Amazon Fire users and Android users without access to Google Play