Bubble Add




    Bubble Add is a puzzle game in wich you must explode bubbles that descend from the top of the screen by selecting them so that the sum of the selected bubbles is equal to 10.

    Game's Goal is to avoid the falling bubbles touch the floor.

    The more bubbles in a sum, the more points you score. More points you score and more the fall of bubbles goes faster.

    Special bubbles appear during the game allowing you to either score more points or you adding an additional line of bubble to explode. Be careful when selecting the special bubbles !

    * 3 levels (Easy, Medium, Hard)
    * Global scores provided by Scoreloop
    * App2SD

    If you have feedback, bugs to submit (explain the bug by mail rather than send a bad comment which don't let me to fix it), or ideas to improve Bubble Add, feel free to send me an email (

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