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    The best part of this educational kids game is that your children will actually play it! When you combine learning with this app’s fun bubble-popping action, children will easily master all the best topics from the individual Bubble Pop Games: ABC, Math, Geography, Nature, Music, Science, and Reading! The kids game begins when your child blows or taps on the wand to make the bubbles appear. Different items appear inside the bubbles, and your child is asked to find one. When he or she touches a bubble, the child is rewarded with a satisfying “pop” if it’s the correct answer. Each level of the kids game introduces new knowledge, and more bubbles with more choices, as your child is ready for them. Exciting bubble popping sound effects are featured throughout the kids game! Key concepts are repeated throughout the kids games to reinforce learning while your child happily plays with the gently floating bubbles.

    The free version includes only letters and vehicles and only up to a maximum of level 6 in each.

    The paid version includes:
    CAPITAL AND SMALL LETTERS: The full alphabet from A to Z.
    NUMBERS: The counting numbers or digits from 0 to 9.
    COLORS: 11 different colors, presented as beautiful chirping and cawing birds.
    SHAPES: 13 different common shapes.
    VEHICLES: 18 assorted modes of transportation with actual sounds.
    STATES: The 50 states of the Unites States of America.
    LANDMARKS: 17 famous landmarks from around the world.
    CONTINENTS: 6 different continents.
    AFRICAN COUNTRIES: 36 African countries.
    AUSTRALIAN COUNTRIES: 3 Australian countries.
    AMERICAN COUNTRIES: 20 American countries.
    ASIAN COUNTRIES: 29 Asian countries.
    EUROPEAN COUNTRIES: 16 European countries.
    TEENS: All the teen numbers.
    TENS: 10 to 90 by tens.
    HUNDREDS: 100 to 900 by hundreds.
    ADDITION: Adding numbers 1 through 9.
    SUBTRACTION: Subtracting numbers 1 through 9.
    MULTIPLICATION: Multiplying numbers 1 through 9.
    DIVISION: Dividing numbers 1 through 9.
    FRACTIONS: Fractional numbers from one half to one twelfth.
    BIRDS: 22 beautiful chirping and cawing birds.
    ANIMALS: 22 favorites from around the world, with FUN sound effects.
    FLOWERS: 9 popular flowers.
    LEAVES: 19 different common tree leaves.
    INSECTS: 18 assorted insects with actual sounds.
    SEA LIFE: 19 different aquatic animals.
    NUTS: 11 assorted tasty nuts.
    SNAKES: 27 beautiful varieties of snakes with actual sounds.
    BUTTERFLIES: 13 stunning butterflies from North America.
    PLANETS: 8 awesome looking planets, to actual scale.
    ELECTRONICS: 40 electrifying electronic components.
    ELEMENTS: 106 element symbols, the entire periodic table.
    MOTORS: 12 beautiful engines with exhilarating sounds.
    WEATHER: 20 crisp weather symbols.
    INVENTIONS: 30 of this worlds most notable inventions.
    PHYSICS SYMBOLS: 16 memorable physics symbols.
    TOOLS: 19 must-have tools with actual sounds.
    INSTRUMENTS: 20 instruments and instrument sounds
    TREBLE: 13 notes and piano sounds.
    BASS: 19 notes and piano sounds.
    PITCH: Sharps, flats, naturals notes and sounds.
    TYPES: 7 note type symbols and sample sounds.
    RESTS: 7 note rest symbols and sample sounds.
    WORD FAMILIES: 72 of the most common word families in English.
    WORDS: over 950 unique rhyming words.

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