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    Published: 2013-07-31, by Manu Galvez.

    Candy RubiX MatchUp merges Rubicks' cube and matching puzzle games

    • Visuals
    • Highly responsive controls
    • Background music
    • Addictive gameplay
    • Different difficulty and game modes
    • Girly graphics
    • Multiplayer mode requires G+ account

    "Solve these sweet puzzles"

    The outcome of combining different gameplays is sometimes a highly addictive game. Candy RubiX MatchUp is an example: it brings together the best of casual matching games and Rubick's cube logic. Difficult? Not at all: you just need to reproduce the target grid-board in the less moves. You can swipe candy tiles up/down/left/right until you get a replica of the board. Once done, you level up. However, you won't get the highest score (3-star scoring system) unless you complete it in the least moves.

    Try to beat all the 125 levels in each mode getting the three stars. Actually, stars matters since you'll need a minimum required to unlock the next modes. These "modes" doesn't lay out different gameplays: they are basically different difficulty modes (2, 3, 4 candies) with complex grid-boards.

    You can also play multiplayer games but you need to be connected to Google Play Games (G ) to access to this feature. In addition, you can submit your scores on online leaderboards.

    Candy RubiX MatchUp is set in clear and neat graphics, bit girly though. Background music is excellent and controls are highly responsive.

    in a nutshell, a well-crafted and entertaining game that will make you rack your brains.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Jul 31, 2013


    "A not as simply game that we loved" -

    BE SMART !

    * Try to solve all candy rubix worlds with 3 stars everywhere. Hard uh ?!
    * Be the first on global leaderboards !
    * Contest your friends or unknown people (up to 4 players)...
    * A smart mix between jewels or candy matching games and Rubick's Cube !


    Reproduce the target board in the less moves.
    Slide the candies with your finger : Left ; Right ; Up ; Down !
    Find the shortest way in the less time to have three stars and increase points. Be fast, be smart !
    A sort of flat progressive rubik's cube. Simple at beginning and very hard on last levels.


    Play against up to 4 players !
    Who is the smarter Candy Rubix Master ?


    * Candy Rubix MatchUp has got more than 300 levels ! Hours of thinking, hours of playing !
    * Achievements to unlock, Multiplayer, leaderboards...
    * Cute graphics, fluid animations and gorgeous visual effects
    * Three game mode :

    TWO CANDIES : Simplest mode : Two candies for training.
    THREE CANDIES : Play boards with 3 candies. Be smart.
    FOUR CANDIES : Play boards with 4 different candy ! hard !

    This game is a cute candy game, cute but quite hard. Beware, you'll hate candies after ending this game !
    An Ideal time waster for smart people ! Candy Rubix MatchUp will need all your brain skills !

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