Capture 40 Free




    The most powerful AI engine!
    The most amazing poker game!
    This is a two-player card game integrated with competition and recreation.

    How to play
    1) 5=5 points; 10=10 points; K=10 points; Others=0 points;
    2) The Offender is to capture 40 points to become the Defender;
    3) The Defender is to prevent it to Advance.

    Special skills
    1) Play multi-cards.
    2) Play four-cards.

    Features of the application
    1) Support portrait orientation.
    2) Automatically change button color and effects to help users to play.
    3) Support multi-languages, including English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese.4) Automatically save game history for continuing play next time.
    5) Be able to re-confirm cards that are previous played.
    6) Automatically adjust time interval between two plays to ensure enough time to view.
    7) Automatically adjust card scale to ensure clear view.

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