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    Published: 2013-10-04, by Peter Warrior.

    A combat-puzzle zombie game

    • Free, ad-supported
    • Fun and thrilling
    • It could have much more stuff and options
    • Additional game modes would have been welcomed
    • No multiplayer

    "Lead's the vaccine"

    In a storyline too much like Resident Evil 5, strange events are happening in a lost African village and people's starting to eat each other. Of course, the only way to fix that is filling the poor infected full of hot lead. However, this isn't a shooter game, but a columns-like puzzle game in which you have to match the icons to attack the oncoming zombies and raise your defensive barricades. As it couldn't be otherwise, you can make combos and even unleash special weapons to wipe he screen off.

    In short, it's a game much more fun than it can first seem, and a glad surprise in the genre. It isn't original at all, because this "combat-puzzle" sub-genre was already exploited by Far East developers not so time ago, but this doesn't devalue the product.

    Worth to be given a go, as long as you have not high expectations about it.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Oct 04, 2013


    Match the panels to attack the zombies! A new puzzle defense game from Kuma the Bear! Move the panels to build weapons and stop the pandemic!

    A mysterious virus has triggered a pandemic! Countless waves of zombies are closing in! Match your panels to build weapons and defeat the zombies in “Zombie Defender!”. The fate of the world is in your hands! Simple controls and no registration required! Download it now!

    It began in a small African village...
    You were sent to investigate an outbreak of a strange disease.
    What you found was a village full of zombies,
    attacking humans and multiplying before your eyes!

    Use the hologram interface to fight against zombies around the world!

    “Zombie Defender!” is a puzzle and defense game where you will match panels in the hologram puzzle to build weapons and attack the zombies. The simple touch and swipe based controls are easy to use, making this game perfect for anyone to play!

    Playing the game is easy.

    ① Swap panels with neighboring panels.
    ② Match 4 or more of the same color panels vertically or horizontally.
    ③ Tap the weapons you’ve built to attack the zombies!

    That’ all there is to it!

    Swipe to swap neighboring panels, and match 4 or more of the same color panels either vertically or horizontally to build weapons. Once you build a weapon, you can tap it to attack a zombie!
    Match the same color panels in a 2 x 2 square to build an even more powerful weapon!
    These weapons will hit zombies in the back row and do double the damage!
    When weapon panels disappear, the panels will refill from the bottom.
    If the weapon panels you’ve built are moved, they will revert to normal panels. Make sure to carefully examine the puzzle!

    Attacking is turn-based. Every time you move a panel, the zombies will move as well. If you can’t build weapons, the zombies will keep getting closer!
    When you’re under attack, the barricade you’ve set up will protect you from the zombies.
    However, the barricades will break over time, and the zombies can get past them!
    If the screen gets completely red from the damage you’ve taken, it’s game over!

    Effective attacks are the best way to fend off the zombies.
    You can freeze them to stop their movements, push them backwards, attack them with combos, or use different attacks based on the color of the panels you match. Once you get used to playing the game, start using the attributes of each color to your advantage!

    [Weapon Effects]
    ◆Fire (Red): Attacks target and the squares to the left and right.
    ◆Freeze (Blue): Freezes enemies for two turns.
    ◆Lightning (Yellow): Attacks target and two squares behind it.
    ◆Firearm (Green): Push enemies back two squares.
    ◆Acid (Purple): Damage enemy for the next five turns.
    ◆Explosion (White): Attacks target and the area around them.

    If you attack and cause other weapons to be built, those weapons will automatically fire and generate a combo attack!
    The longer a combo goes, the more damage it will do. Try to create combos with your panels when you match their colors!

    When you attack zombies, you gain points called “G”.
    You can use your G to buy items that do lots of damage, upgrade barricades, and repair barricades. You won’t lose your G even if you game over, so never give up!
    If you level up from fighting zombies, your strength will also improve. Keep gaining experience!

    As you clear the stages, the zombies you’ve defeated are saved to your file.
    If you clear all 15 stages that make up an area, you can move on to the next area.
    Clear all of the areas to save civilization!

    [”Zombie Defender!” Highlights]
    ◆Simple touch and swipe controls make the game easy for anyone to play!
    ◆Simple but strategic gameplay encourages combo building. Easy to play, but hard to master!
    ◆A realistic game world filled with suspenseful zombies!

    - COLOPL, Inc. -

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