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    Published: 2012-11-06, by Ana Gracia.

    In Catch Mole!, the goal is to capture Mole, who hides underground and moves between pipes and power lines

    • Fun
    • Challenging
    • Addictive gameplay
    • Not very good graphics

    "Mole’s obsession"

    You need to be careful with the pipes and power lines because if you find one of those instead of the mole, your life will be at risk. This is like a more developed minesweeper, a fun game of chance and also thinking. Before beginning the match, you can easily select which items you want to have and which ones you don’t, which makes the game harder or easier.

    The graphics are not that good but the game is interesting enough, as you will be looking desperately for the mole. Toni Paricio is the developer of Catch Mole! a fun game where you need to explore the squares in search for the mole, trying not to come across other items that could hurt you.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Nov 06, 2012


    Catch Mole! is a fun board game for everyone, pick up a cell and finds Mole. Anticipate his movements, use tactic to corner him or choose boxes randomly... look at for your best strategy.

    The character of game is a small funny mole called... Mole (very original, yes). Your goal is capture to Mole who hides underground, but he is not all that is hidden there. Mole moves in a labyrinth of water pipes, power cables and other bonus objects with special features (mine, butterfly, sneakers). Be careful where you nail the scoop because you can end up electrocuted and avoid water reaches a broken powerline.

    If you break a water pipe then water grows up (and there is no plumber around), if water reaches a power cable you lose... Mole wins.

    Gameplay is like a kind puzzle game with reminiscent to the classic Minesweeper, you have a grid of cells (blocks), but your are not looking for a mine but a funny mole... and he is moving!. Map underground is a labyrinth of water pipes and power cables, is not a landmine but your can find one mine... or a butterfly... or a slippers.

    But this is not a game of chance. A combo system of clues will inform of Mole position BEFORE he moves, as well as the situation of water pipes and power cables. Take your advantage about Mole and catch him. The difficulty will increase as you pass levels, game will become more crazier and crazier so your adaptability will be imprescidible to win. Defeat your rivals scores and grabs your name on the wall.

    Catch Mole! has an online ranking. Compete against your rivals in daily, weekly, monthly and overall ranking. Upload your scoreboards to twitter and challenge your rivals to overcome.

    Game is designed for Smartphones and Tablets. Accept the challenge of Catch Mole!

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    AppsZoom ★★★☆☆
    Mole's obsession
    This is like a more developed minesweeper, a fun game of chance and also thinking.
    Fun, Challenging and Addictive gameplay.

    Diario de un Androide
    An original twist on the classic minesweeper concept that convinces.


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