Chain Puzzle Wake Up! Bob

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    Chain Puzzle Wake Up! Bob

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    Bobs are total sleepyheads. They can't wake up on their own.
    Poke the Bobs to quickly wake them up!

    How to play
    Please wake up all the Bobs on the screen.
    By tapping a Bob, the number on the Bob's bottom right will decrease by 1.
    When it becomes 0, the Bob explodes and is extinguished, and in the shock, the numbers in the frames in the left, right, top and bottom will decrease by 1.
    If the number of taps in the top right becomes 0, it's game over.

    Let's wake up the surrounding Bobs in a chain by exploding Bobs and using items.
    Please wake up many Bobs with the remaining tap number.

    By chaining, the CHAIN number increases, and when the CHAIN is finished ,the tap score increases.

    Item introduction
    Bomb.... Force the vertical and horizontal Bobs to wake up.
    Alarm clock...Wake up the 8 surrounding Bobs in one step.
    Glass... A useless item. Break it by tapping it.

    By deciding on your player name, avatar, and country on the start screen, they can be displayed in the ranking.

    The ranking can be displayed by tapping on the title screen ranking.
    There are LOCAL and WORLD rankings respectively, and there are TODAY, WEEK, and TOTAL rankings.

    Real-time ranking
    There is even ranking in the top portion of the screen during gameplay.
    This ranking tallies and displays your current score in real time.

    In short! You know right away how your current play score ranks in the world in real-time!

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