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    No hints. No instructions. Only you and the game. If you need to ask how to play, you've already lost. Will you dare to challenge the Challenges?! :-)

    Do you want to find out how smart you are? Do you believe you are special, a unique human being? Yes, you are! Just like everyone else ;-).

    But seriously, are you tired of tedious IQ tests? Accept our Challenges, erm, challenge, and test your intelligence in a fun way! :-).

    Want even more challenges? We will keep this game updated based on number of total downloads! Help spread the word and enjoy your free updates!

    Reaching 100 downloads = update with 8 more challenges
    Reaching 1000 downloads = update with 16 more challenges
    Reaching 10000 downloads = update with 80 more challenges (yes, we are serious :))

    UPDATE 3. 12. 2013:
    100 downloads were reached just today, that was fast! :) We are already working on update with 16 more challenges (yep, more than promised) to be released by the end of this week, stay tuned! Thank you again for your great support and if you like the game, do not forget to rate it with 5*, it helps a lot! :)

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