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    Published: 2012-02-13, by Peter Warrior.

    A chess based puzzle.

    • Great puzzle
    • It's pretty hard.

    "Nobody said it was easy"

    ChesterMind is a smart puzzle game based on chess rules and minesweeper. There's no need to be an advanced chess player, as ChesterMind isn't played as chess problems (you know, white to move and mate in three and so on). If you only know how the pieces are moved, it's enough.

    Here's the deal: five pieces are randomly placed on the board and you have to discover where they are. Every time you tap on a certain square, you get how many pieces are attacking there. When you are sure on where a piece goes, drag it to place it.

    We said there was no need to be an advanced chess player, not that resolving the puzzles would be easy. In fact, it's extremely difficult if you do try to get a good score. Anyway, it's an outstanding puzzle and an amazing mind training suited for all ages (well age 7+).

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Feb 13, 2012


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    Be a genius and rack your brains and tune your chess skills!

    ChesterMind for Android is a chess puzzle and is a cross between the classic boardgame 'MasterMind' and chess.

    Five chess pieces are randomly placed and hidden on a chessboard. Click on a square to find out how many pieces attack the square.

    ChesterMind can act as a tutorial lesson and will help you understand the 'harmony' of chess pieces whilst you enjoy a unique and fun game.