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    Children's Anagrams

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    Solve the anagrams using multi-touch!

    Over 1000 sight words for children learning to spell. You'll hear the letter name as you press each letter. The word list was taken from high frequency sight words and Dolch words.

    Re-arrange the letters to create your word. Press submit to see if you were right.

    Also unlike other anagram games, there can be more than one answer for each set of letters - you don't have to get the exact anagram the game chose, any legal word will be correct.

    Press both cogs at the same time to enter edit mode where you can change the time and also the maximum word length from 3 to 5.

    If you are stuck press clue and it will show you the next letter.

    You score 10 points for each letter when you solve the anagram, but be careful - you lose 10 points every time you get a clue!

    For every 5 seconds it takes you to complete an anagram you lose a second off the next word. For example if your time was set to 30 seconds and it took you 20 seconds to answer the first word, well you would lose 2 seconds so your next word would need to be solved in 28 seconds.

    How many words can you solve and how quickly can you solve them in the time allotted?

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