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    Clues is an Android adaptation of the well-known television game Password. As Password, Clues is a game designed to be played in person with friends and/or family.

    Main Features

    - It can be played in both English and Spanish.
    - It contains more than 3100 words in English and more than 3700 in Spanish. Therefore, you can play for hours without getting a single word repeated.
    - Up to 6 teams can play a game simultaneously.
    - The difficulty of a game can be configured by modifying the number of secret words per round and the available time to guess such words.
    - The graphical interface is simple, clean and easy to use. Besides, the game includes rules about how to play and offers an interactive help that can be activated from the Options menu.
    - It is integrated with the Heyzap social network.

    How to play

    Playing this game requires at least 2 teams of at least 2 players each. The maximum number of teams that can play simultaneously is 6.

    The game is divided in rounds and each round is played by one team: firstly team 1, secondly team 2...

    At each round, a member of the playing team receives a set of secret words. By means of clues,
    the player must try to make his team-mates guess the secret words within the available time (if it exists). In particular, for each word received, the player gives his team-mates one clue: a word (in English) that doesn't belong to the same lexical family as the secret word (for example, if the secret word is "bakery", the clue "baker" isn't valid). The player's team-mates, taking into account the clue, try to guess the secret word. If they fail, the player gives them another clue, having so a second chance to guess the secret word. If they fail again, the player team gives them a third clue. If after the third clue they don't manage to guess the secret word, it is considered failed. Otherwise, it is considered guessed.

    The number of secret words that a player receives in a round and the available time to guess such words depend on the configuration of the game (by default, 5 secret words and 30 seconds per word).

    When all the teams have played the same number of rounds, the team with the largest number of successful guesses wins.

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