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    Published: 2013-11-15, by Ana Gracia.

    Train your memory and other brain activities in this complete app

    • Great for the mind
    • Many games
    • Design could be better

    "Is your memory great?"

    Coach Memory! Brain Trainer is an application that helps you train your memory and attention, as well as your reflexes.

    After launching the app, you will need to choose the area of activity you want to improve: memory, attention, speed, decision or multitask. Then, you will have access to several games which are well-designed and entertaining.

    An app to play a bit every day, the perfect activity to enhance your logic skills and become smarter everyday that goes by.

    BPI master is the developer of Coach Memory, a complete application that gathers several games which are really good for the mind. Design could be a bit more minimalist and professional,

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    Nov 15, 2013


    Unique brain training and personal coach for your memory, attention, reaction speed, multitasking, task switching and problem solving skills.
    According to scientist's researches brain needs training as much as muscles.
    Even 5 minutes a day can be enough not only to maintain your brain in good shape but also to develop it!
    You can maintain and develop your mind in a playful way without special efforts, annoying reminders and alerts, and you can do it in a convenient and comfortable time for you.
    By following the tips of the program you may notice that after a while the answers to these questions will bother you much less than before:
    ✓ Where is my car parked?
    ✓ How can I get to the place where I've been before?
    ✓ Which route is better to choose?
    ✓ Can I reach the place without enabling a GPS?
    ✓ What does it look like and where have I seen this before?
    ✓ Where were the items placed on my desk?
    ✓ Oops, did I miss something?

    Train your brain with us! Challenge yourself, relatives, friends!
    There are no limitations in age and brain power. This is a free game for kids and adults, people of all ages.
    Many of our players are noticing enhancements in their cognitive functions, IQ tests improvement, visual memory and other!
    Be social. Play, chat and share achievements with your friends!
    Be the best! Play in a party or in groups of two!
    Publish your comments and suggestions on Google play, rate the application, mail us! Send us your history, tricks & tips!
    We will progressively add new languages.

    ★★★★★ GAMES INSIDE ★★★★★

    ✓ Memory Matrix - Sharpen your memory, succeed in locating the objects, recalling visual patterns, sense of environment.
    ✓ Memory Matrix Classic - Famous memory fitness which you can do every day to enhance your spatial recall skills. Switch to the pictures version if your human genius memory can reach more than 11 blocks.
    ✓ Patterns - Check which is the hardest game ever for you? Pictures in games before, numbers, or maybe it is something different, f.e. letters?
    ✓ Coins - Collecting coins in particular order will transparently improve your peripheral vision, concentration, focus and specially visual field. Safe driving, quick response to stimulus are based on it.
    ✓ Ordered Patterns - Deal with the number sequences and develop the personal beam lumosity focus.
    ✓ Speed Match - Speed up your cognitive processes and information processing. Be blazingly fast, enable your hidden power developed by brain lab. Bypass the fastest possible reaction time.
    ✓ Simple Math - There are several essential math skills like add, divide, multiply subtract. However the most challenging skills for now can be rapid decision making, quantitative and logical reasoning. Feel yourself the math genius bypassing puzzles done as quick arithmetic calculation exercises.
    ✓ Color Match - Be flexible, do multiple tasks at once, work quicker without mistakes, control your body and mind state, response inhibition and working fluency.

    More brain teasers, games for brainiacs and workout are coming soon!

    The differences between pro and free versions are:
    - no ad
    - larger game matrix field due to no ad
    - probably some other benefits in the future

    Q: How can I adjust sound and vibration?
    A: Please use the sound option in menu -> settings or start screen.
    Q: Some elements doesn't fit well on my screen. What should i do?
    A: Drop us a screenshot and will try to fix it in one of the future version.
    Q: How to log out from Google services in the app or switch user
    A: Open Achievements or Leaderbords (via menu or at the end of any game) and press Settings -> Log out.

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