Color Coder Christmas




    Color Coder is a fun pattern recognition game. When the game starts, a code is shown at the top of the screen. Find the code within the game grid, but remember: codes can only chain to cells sharing a side.

    In this special Christmas Edition, the colored cells have been replaced with Santa, Snowmen, Presents, Wreaths, Christmas Trees, and Gingerbread Men. A festive red and green background with Christmas lights has also been added.

    See how many Christmas Codes you can find in 60 seconds.

    Codes are 4 cells long in Easy mode and 5 long in Hard mode.

    Don't forget to use your two hints a game. Taping the hint button will automatically select the first cell of the code for you.

    Color Coder features personal high score tracking for both easy and hard modes as well as Google Play Game Services global leaderboards.

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