Color Match




    Color Match is an addictive puzzle game that will get you hooked with simple and relaxing gameplay.

    "This game offers hours of mindless fun. If you are a fan of puzzle games, I highly suggest checking this one out." -iDownloadBlog

    "The game is really fun. Much attention was paid to the design and that's why it also looks very appealing. If you are in the game, it's hard to stop playing. Clear recommendation to all!"

    Your goal is to connect matching colors with each other and pair all colors in level to create color links. The catch is that connections can not overlap and you need to fill the whole board to solve the puzzle.

    Play through hundreds of levels on various board sizes or try a special time trial mode. Scores for each level are saved and there is also 12 achievements for you to earn.

    - Levels
    Color Match features 360 hand crafted levels divided into 6 packs with varying level of difficulty featuring hours of gameplay.

    - Design
    Colorful and simple graphics with fluid modern interface completed with calm, subtle sound effects.

    - Scores
    Scores are tracked for each level and pack. You can earn a star in each puzzle for perfect game. Additionally you can unlock 12 medals.

    - Customizable
    Craft your game to your liking. You can tune everything in the options. There is also a color blind mode which places numbers on top of the colors.

    This game does not contain any ads or in-app purchases.

    We love getting feedback from you. If you have any suggestions or just like the game, let us know!

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