Complete Simon




    Complete Simon is an adaption of the classic color memory game, where you progress through levels of increasing difficulty by repeating back a pattern of colors. The pattern increases by one each level, and the aim is to get through as many levels as possible. Features include:
    1) Choose between 4, 6 or 9 colors.
    2) Choose between a variety of game modes.
    3) Option to replay the pattern at any time.
    4) Resume option, so you don’t lose your game if you get a call.
    5) Online leaderboard and achievements.
    6) Option to set the speed of the lights and turn audio on and off.
    7) Unique tones for each color.

    Complete Simon includes integration with ScoreLoop, which enables you to track your score on each game type against other players. You can also pick up achievements as you progress through the game - can you collect all six?

    The game supports the following three game modes at present:
    1) Standard Mode - the traditional game play where you progress through levels with a new color added after each level.
    2) Resequence Mode - where the entire color sequence changes each level.
    3) Sound Only Mode - as requested, in this mode you only get sound, no lights - not for the feint hearted!

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions or requests, as I’m always looking to improve my titles. Note that this version is supported by an unobtrusive ad at the top of the game screen.

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