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    This application is based on the classic number guessing game and a namesake cows and bulls. Here though, the game has been extended with word guessing in addition to the number guessing.Guess words/numbers in minimum possible turns.

    The basic idea is to guess a word/number either selected by the app(in single player mode) or the other player(in pass n play mode) in an iterative way.

    Cow is a letter in the original word but entered in the wrong position by the player
    Bull is a letter in the original word and in the right position.
    Quick play will take the preferences the user sets in the preferences page. Defaults are set to playing Numbers in Easy mode.

    Let's say the player is supposed to guess the word "play":
    1) Player will be presented with 12 letters to choose his four letter guess of which the letters p,l,a,y will be part of and not necessarily in order.
    2) Player tries the word "pals" by tapping(in the same order) the appropriate icons in the pool. As soon as the fourth letter is tapped, the guessed word will be evaluated.
    3) The evaluation will be logged in the results pane against the turn #. Since P is the first letter of both the guess and the original word to be guessed( in other words the letter P is present in the word to be guessed and is placed correctly that is the first letter of the word), it is considered a bull. As for the letter "A" in pals, the letter "A" is present in the word "Play" in the third position whereas in "pals" it's position is second. Similarly for the letter "L". The letter "S" is not present in "Play" so it is neither a cow nor a bull.
    4) In easy mode, the result pane will show the cows as Red italics and bulls in Green bold and in grey otherwise. So ,in the above case "PALS" will be displayed in the result area with P in Green bold, L and A in red italics and S in grey.
    In other modes, only the number of cows and bulls in the entered word will be displayed.
    5)The players can take as many turns as they like before they guess the actual word/number to be guessed.

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