Crazy Aquarium




    Crazy Aquarium is all about gathering all fishes into the aquarium, and you have to very careful not to leave any fish alone. you can pair same type of fish that are close to each other and you have to make sure that no fish left in the board. You have fun to play with different-different fishes.

    This is very funny games which your kids loves to play. Very similar to gems, diamonds, jewels, bubbles elimination game. Just match two same fishes which are adjacent to each others. Clear all the fishes from the board and move to next level. As you completes level it will introduce more fishes in the game.

    You can called it to funny game, nice game, good game, action game, arcade game, board game, puzzle game. It's all in one. Once you download it, you will loved it.

    Features of the game
    - Beautiful aquarium theme with underwater environment
    - Play with four different type of ocean fishes
    - Miscellaneous animation of water bubble and fishes
    - Seven different powers with excellent features
    - iPad as well as iPhone user can enjoy this game
    - Gamecenter support
    - Share score with your friends via Facebook

    Amazing powers
    1) Time bonus - Adds 5 seconds into your level time.
    2) Score bonus - Increase your score by 2x.
    3) Row - Gather whole row of fishes.
    4) Column - Gather whole column of fishes.
    5) L & T - Gather many fishes with T OR L shape.
    6) Duck power - power which can be pair with any fishes and it removes that fishes from the board.
    7) Elephant power - power which can be pair with any fishes and it removes all fishes from the board which you pair with elephant.

    Match any two same kind of power, That will removes all fishes from the board.

    Thank You.

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