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    Crazy Stop is a free game

    Can you do it?

    Are you looking for a challenging game that you can play alone, with family or with friends? Don’t look anymore, you found what you’re looking for: Crazy Stop!

    The goal is simple: stop the stopwatch at exactly 10.00 seconds.
    You have several different game levels as blindfold, in row, random and much more...
    Press the button at the right time. Simple would you said?! Try it first…

    This game will allow you to spend wonderful moments trying to beat the records of your friends but also your own records. Challenge your friends!
    The big adventure starts now! Who will be the strongest? Who will win the respect of others?
    Share your records on social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

    This game is made to offer you a good time.

    You will need more than luck to play Crazy Stop. You will need skills and reflex. Are your nerves strong enough? Can you stop the timer faster than your shadow ?
    Crazy Stop is not an ordinary timer or a chronometer but a game that unleashes passions and emotions! This is the game you absolutely need to have!

    Can you stop the watch at 10.00 sharp? How much times will you do it??

    This game is kid game and an adult game. Play at school, at work, in transport, while traveling or in bad weather, it’s up to you...
    You have to test it NOW! This game is crazy, funny and friendly!

    Crazy Stop is one of the most addictive games in his category. Do not worry; this game is not a drug but almost...
    Your goal: 10.00 exactly so put aside your angry because Crazy Stop will drive crazy or turn into a zombie. This is not a joke...
    This free game is fun and it is also a way to relax and have fun becoming a real stopwatch ninja!!
    Have fun and try to win. Your mission: tap at 10.00 and that’s it!

    Using the theme of the future, technology, innovation and electronics; Crazy Stop is finally the game that everyone will surely enjoy.

    Game is available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

    For any comment / improvement, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Please, leave a (good ;-)) evaluation.

    Thank you for your download.

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