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    Now version 1.9 fixed problems running under Android 4.x line, assuming this retroactively fixes Honeycomb tablets (3.x) phones/tablets/SmartTV of 4.x all worked in testing..

    New 1.7 version with enhanced AI and UI is fixed, if there's anything missing or working/not working as expected please write it here, I do expect few game-play balancing problems since the new AI is much harder.

    Unfortunately 1.9 will be last version supporting Froyo (2.2) and/or older phones; Google is phasing out support for those devices sooner than expected. I am considering whether to leave this listing alone for the benefit of older phones or overwrite current version in the same listing; I planned to implement a score ladder and few other things, Gingerbread (2.3) will be the minimum requirement.

    This game is inspired by Crazy Eight but played with tiles on a board, it is re-imagined and adjusted to allow playing solo or duel.

    The game starts on a blank 5x5 board except a wildcard joker tile in the middle. You are given tiles (made of 1 of 4 colour, and 1 of 4 card suite symbols, for a total of 16 possible combinations) and your task is to either (or both):

    - last in the game as long as you can
    - get higher score faster than your opponent to reach 3000 pts
    - check your opponent with no more valid moves on his/her/AI part

    Valid moves are either correct tile moves onto the board or the use of remaining lifeline in the form of trash can that discarded current tile (3 lifelines at the start of game).

    A correct move onto the board is quite similar to how Crazy Eight is played, but being a board game there are differences. Connecting tiles must have either or both same colour and/or symbol to all existing surrounding tiles (at least one), no exceptions.

    Joker wildcard tile behaves very differently. It is considered to be compatible to any other tile, at the same time; and if you get your hands on it (by scoring a row/col with joker amongst the line) you can place it anywhere even by itself. There is only one Joker tile in the game and it can be trashed for an extra strategic dimension.

    Scoring by completing a row/col line gives you 500 points in the game, and if you manage to do a combo row and column lines at the same time 1200 points are awarded.

    There are 5 varieties built into this version of the game.

    - single-player puzzle
    - head-to-head high score (3000, played on same phone)
    - head-to-head checkmate
    - versus phone high score (phone stands in as 2nd player)
    - versus phone checkmate

    I was planning to have over-the-net play incorporated but it couldn't be done without raising requirement to Android Froyo or Gingerbread; only the prerequisite of 'Net access is in and at this moment I used it as ad-support in the main screen.

    If there's a bug or suggestion for enhancement I welcome your comment.

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    Erika Zeltser

    by Erika Zeltser

    Oct 23, 2013  |  "Poor"

    Nothing happened when i started the games dont install it