Crystal Caverns

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    150 beautiful hand-designed puzzles!

    Crystal Caverns is an addictive color-matching puzzle game. Shoot
    realistic marbles to match colors and clear the board. The puzzles
    start off easy, but the more you play the more devious they get!

    We created all 150 Puzzle levels by hand to make sure they are as
    interesting as possible. We almost couldn't beat some of them, so if
    you want to finish them all you are in for a real challenge.

    You can also play the game in Endless mode, where the puzzle is never
    ending, and you can keep playing for as long as you can keep up. It
    really keeps you on the edge of your seat!

    If you still need more puzzles, Random mode will randomly generate as
    many as you want in each of the three levels, so no matter how
    addicted you are, you will never run out!

    150 hand-designed puzzles
    Random mode ensures you never run out of games
    Endless mode keeps you on the edge of your seat
    Tracks your stats
    Beautiful glowing marble graphics
    A bubble shooter puzzle game like snood
    Designed for tablets like the Nexus 7

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