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    The aim of cuMinesweeper is to locate all mines as quickly as possible without uncovering any of them. If you uncover a mine, you lose the game.

    How to play?

    There are two tapping modes in the game. First one gives player an ability to uncover a mine, second, to mark the square that you suspect to have mine. To change the tap mode just tap on special image button on the top left of screen (button image shows in what mode player is now).

    You can uncover a square by tapping it. If you uncover a mine, you lose the game. In other case a digit appears in tapped square. It indicates how many mines are in the eight squares surrounding the numbered one. Player can open the nearest squares by tapping on the square with the mark in case all mines are already marked in the nearest squares.

    To mark a square you suspect contains a mine, change the tapping mode to flag mode and tap on it. You can also mark a square by long tapping it during mine mode.

    Start a game

    You can start a new game pressing the happy face in the top center of the screen or the equivalent button of the menu options. The timer starts when you uncover the first square and don’t worry, it’s impossible to lose in the first attempt! Good luck!

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