Curse of Anubis Lite




    You were once the most favored sorcerer serving the Egyptian god Anubis, but after betraying his trust, he cursed you with powerful magic. Now, everything you touch turns to sand. And so you must collect the magical energy from the world around you using the curse itself in an attempt to redeem yourself.

    In Curse of Anubis, you use the power of your curse to match 3 or more tiles to release their magic and earn yourself points! Harness the power of gravity using the magical Staff of Anubis and make the tiles slide in the direction of your choosing! Save up your power and unleash it with a destructive special ability.

    The full version of Curse of Anubis comes complete with 5 game modes: Classic, Time Trial, Casual, Gravity Flux, and Bonus Roulette. Post your high scores and fastest times to the Google Play leaderboards.

    The gameplay in Curse of Anubis is similar to that of other puzzle games but has a style uniquely its own.

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