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    Published: 2013-11-19, by Peter Warrior.

    A two player chess-like game

    • Easy to learn, fast to play.
    • Becomes boring after a few matches
    • Technical performance is poor

    "Queens rule"

    Deduce is a fast paced game played between two players on the same device, whose goal is to defeat your rival by placing your queens in a way the other player can't play his. in turns, every player places a queen wherever it can't be attacked by any other queen previously placed, till one of the player loses.

    Players alternate who starts.

    Graphics are flat and poor, as if it was an old CGA chess game, without animations of any kind nor whatever able to spice it up a little. It's like an ultra-fast version of chess, though you don't have to know chess or checkers at all in order to play it. It can be worth of giving it a go as a curiosity, but nothing else.

    As a final word, there's a $200 version of this game. We can only understand that as a discouraging price to keep secret what it might be: a secret app for Illuminati and Reptilians of the Hollow Earth to send conspiracy messages to rule the world. Otherwise, it's little more than a bad taste prank.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Nov 19, 2013


    FREE EDITION No Adds and it's free. No high scores, no computer player, no stats. Play it with a friend.

    DEDUCE "Faster than Tic-Tac-Toe, but as complicated as chess." The simplicity of the rules can entertain children from ages 4 to 104. Taking only seconds to play, the unending complexity of Deduce makes the game the perfect mobile phone companion. Multiple player strength levels make Deduce a lifetime game for small children through serious adults. Compare your high scores to people around the world.

    Deduce has a maximum of 8 moves, one move less than the children's game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Two players compete by placing QUEENS on squares not in the same row, column, or diagonal of another QUEEN (ie., not being controlled by another QUEEN of either side.) Last player to fill the board, taking the last available square, wins the game.

    To win a Deduce Match, a player must win six games by a margin of two. Starting moves alternate between the players. (Tennis is scored the same way.)

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