Doodle Spy KIDS

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    Developed especially for kids (and kids at heart) Doodle Spy KIDS, the sequel to Doodle Spy, is three hidden-object games in one.

    1. "FIND THE..." - Perfect for toddlers and pre-schoolers, in the first game, the name of the object to be found is spoken out loud. Listen to the name of the object and then find its match. This is a great game to build a little one's vocabulary as well as their finger to eye coordination.

    2. "SPEED" - The second game is great for slightly older kids (and all kids at heart). In "SPEED" the name of the game is to get as many objects as you can in 30 seconds. But be careful, because if you tap on the wrong object then game over.

    3. "RACECAR" - The third game is also great for the older kids (and again, the kids at heart). In "RACECAR" you try to play as long as you can by keeping the racecar from driving away. This is done by tapping on the matching object. Sounds pretty easy, but not for long, because each time you find a match the racecar gets a little faster.

    Doodle Spy KIDS Features:
    * Professional voice-over audio
    * 3 Game Modes
    * Seek out over 250 colorful doodle objects
    * Suitable for all ages and all languages (no words to read in gameplay)
    * Incredible Graphics – looks amazing on large Android Tablets