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    Published: 2012-06-05, by Peter Warrior.

    "A puzzle twist of Tetris"

    • Original and well-thought concept.
    • Graphics and sound basic as possible.

    "No Cossack dancing, though"

    Just when we believed that there wasn't any further way to tweak Tetris, these guys arrive and bring with them what we could say is a "deconstruction" of Tetris, as if they were brought the principles of haute cuisine to the Androidverse.

    Imagine a Tetris where you can take all time in the world to choose your move. In addition, imagine you can turn the board not only left or rightwards, but also flip as if it was a mirror. Wouldn't it be easier?

    The asnwer is no. The answer should be "it would be Doptrix". Doptrix exchanges the thrilling insane Tetris action for a more paused and brain racking gameplay. And don't think you can easily get rid of it, there are three games modes and all three are interesting enough to get you hooked for hours. However, we should recommend to start from classic mode, where you'll find the classic Tetris pieces; and then try the other two out.

    Therefore, vector graphics and poor canned sound effects. Awesome gameplay, and one of the best and most original puzzles so far for Android. Recommended if you like puzzles, even more recommended if you don't.

    This free version comes with half the boards and stages from the complete version.

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    Peter Appszoom logo

    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jun 05, 2012


    …brain-blendingly ingenious puzzler /

    ...Just when you thought you’ve seen every incarnation of classic Tetris, a game like Doptrix comes along and blows your mind. /

    This original and highly addictive puzzler turns classic Tetris upside down and inside out! Rotate and flip the game board, unleash your lateral thinking and open new dimensions of fun!

    • Unique gameplay
    • 6 game modes
    • 4 board sizes (2 free + 2 in full version)
    • 50 cunningly crafted puzzles (10 free + 40 in full version)
    • 2 beautiful relaxing music tracks
    • Intuitive touch-controls
    • Works with many gamepads, Nvidia SHIELD and Sony Xperia Play
    • Online leaderboards and achievements

    Get your grey matter moving with six original modes of play:
    Simple, yet challenging CLASSIC, brain-teasing PUZZLE, mind-bending REFLECTION, fast and unforgiving SURVIVAL, strategic CHALLENGE and completely different ALTERNATIVE.

    There is no ticking clock in Doptrix so you have all the time in the world to think on the next move. Auto-save feature allows to pause and pick up the game and play for 2 minutes or for 2 hours.

    Doptrix is guaranteed to provide a truly relaxing gaming experience and a deep satisfying sense of accomplishment when things fit together. So what are you waiting for? Download and enjoy this great game now!

    Upgrade to Full version by purchasing Doptrix Unlocker for just $0.99


    Doptrix is now featured in TegraZone!

    Doptrix is MOGA Enhanced!

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    Users comments for Doptrix

    Richie Diep

    by Richie Diep

    May 08, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Fun and super addictive. A brilliant twist to one of the classics.

    Lynne Newell

    by Lynne Newell

    Feb 09, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Love this game. It appeals to my need for organization .

    Lage Bergman

    by Lage Bergman

    Jan 11, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Super smooth and good looking game. Highly addictive.


    by nilocthecoyote

    Aug 02, 2016  |  "OK"

    Comtroles suck and dont mske sence even from watching the video

    Bill Corrao

    by Bill Corrao

    Jul 20, 2016  |  "Great"

    Brain exercise.

    Jessica Sazama

    by Jessica Sazama

    Feb 08, 2015  |  "Great"

    Loving this game so far!